Sport Facilities Security

Vexillum Security undertakes the security of all forms of sports facilities and sporting events ensuring the smooth conduct and operation of games or events, offering a sense of security to athletes, competitors, fans and anyone who takes part in the sporting event.Οι φύλακές μας, ένστολοι και πλήρως εξοπλισμένοι, διαθέτουν την γνώση, την εμπειρία και τα εργαλεία για να προσφέρουν μια αόρατη ασπίδα προστασίας στο φίλαθλο κοινό που επιθυμεί να παρακολουθήσει την εκάστοτε αθλητική διοργάνωση.

Vexillum Security also undertakes, the Security of the Sports Facility during the 24 hours of a day when the facility is not used, ensuring the integrity of the entire facility and its equipment.

Security of Sport Facilities that can be provided by Vexilum Security:

  • Football, Basketball, Volleyball Courts (Greek Championship/Cup Games etc.)
  •  Swimming pools
  • Outdoor athletic arenas
  • Playgrounds & Play areas